Thursday 19 June 2014

Review: Studio-X vs Simon Carter – 'Frozen'


Even though this collaboration recently released the full-on dance floor assault that is 'Breaking The Void', the time is right for a follow-up EP to keep those tunes on rotation. The album's opener 'Frozen' sees the already essential club hit get the remix treatment.

The hard techno of the title track gets a suitably bassy club mix that, while exceedingly appealing, doesn't do anything particularly for its potential to be played any more than the original already is. However, XP8's hard and dirty reworking of the title track fares a lot better with a more relentless take on the song. While reADJUST goes in new and more radical directions with new lyrics and an “electro-body-trance vibe”.

'The City' is the first of two original tracks on the EP and follows on nicely from the intelligent edm of the original album. While 'Shine' breaks out the analogue and channels the spirit of Daft Punk for this sweaty dance track. Two further remixes from the full-length album come in the form of the rather pedestrian and straight sounding version of 'Reasons' supplied by Cosmic Armchair, and the luscious chip tune of 'Particles Of Love' contributed by Eqavox.

It may sound like a bit of a mixed bag but the remixes from XP8, reADJUST and Eqavox are worth the money alone. And when you throw in a couple of great non-album tracks like 'Shine' and 'The City' and it begins to look like a very tempting purchase. These EPs can often be dismissed as something for the DJs more often than not, but if you were a fan of 'Breaking The Void', then you'll easily be able to justify adding 'Frozen' to your music collection.

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