Thursday 19 June 2014

Review: Unveil – 'Codex Noctem'

'Codex Noctem'

Canadian quartet Unveil are one of those bands where you simply can't fault their, talent, or passion. Although this is a six track EP, 'Codex Noctem' feels like a well rounded and well produced album and displays a band who's sonic formula would undoubtedly prove to be very, very commercially viable if they were signed to a decent record label. The only trouble is we've heard it all before.

The EP is one of those fine blends of strong female vocals, heavy hard rock and deep emotive synth embellishments. With songs such as 'Camera', 'Empty' and 'Winter' in particular displaying a lot of commercial potential that will also sound simply huge live. The best comparison you could make is that they sound like 'Comalies' era Lacuna Coil – back when they had an edge that was yet to be dulled by over producing and rehashing their formula.

There is no denying that in terms of musicality, production, song-writing and performance Unveil are on to a winner here. It just seems rather derivative and unoriginal. There are no major curve-balls and no real surprises after the first few bars of the first track.

As a unit, displaying this level of talent, it would be a crime if they didn't get signed and exposed to a larger audience. And there is definitely potential for them to do something radical and different. Which is what they need as the female-fronted gothic metal scene is awash with so many sound-a-like acts that Unveil will have to do a hell of a lot to not fade away as soon as they appear.

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