Wednesday 18 June 2014

Review: Alter Der Ruine - 'I Will Remember It All Differently'

'I Will Remember It All Differently'

It was a damn shame when Alter Der Ruine called it quits back in 2012. The band had been one that rapidly evolved into an internationally respected act and along the way created some fine music. But thankfully it wasn't a permanent split. Now the band have reformed with a new member in the form of Tamara Jenney brought in to complete the line-up. As with any reformation, no matter how god a band were on their original run )whether that was two years or two decades ago), there is always going to be a pang of doubt before hitting the play button. Thankfully though this is only a brief moment and quickly dispelled.

Veering into dark futurepop mixed with thumping ebm beats, the band return in fine and polished form. Kicking off with the sombre but dance friendly opener 'Lights' it is immediately evident that the band are focussed and steadfast in their conviction. Songs such as 'Horizon Slide', 'Gift Horse', 'Quiet Crimes' and 'Leviathan' perpetuate the dark and emotional dance-pop formula effectively. However the band rarely deviate from this framework aside from a few very creative flourishes sprinkled throughout.

By far the strongest tracks on the album are the hypnotic 'Tundra', the sublimely crafted dance anthem 'Poltergeist' and the dark but delicate 'Stars'. It's these that the band really let themselves indulge and show their song crafting at its best.

The album is well put together and well produced. Nothing feels like it has been rushed, with every bar of every song getting the attention it deserves to create an all-encompassing sense of atmosphere that is quite infatuating.

'I Will Remember It All Differently' is a solid offering by a band that has made a very welcome return. Though there isn't anything here that is particularly ground-breaking, it is a successful exercise in fundamentally good song-writing. Yet it hints at more, and hopefully that will be something they expand on for the next album.

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