Tuesday 24 June 2014

Review: Petrol Hoers – 'The Same Again But With The Words Are Different'

'The Same Again But With The Words Are Different'

York-based electronic one-piece Petrol Hoers seem to have made a big splash in the last year. Starting out as a somewhat tribute act to Petrol Bastard, the equine botherer Dan Buckly seems to have shaken off his man crush for the group and developed what can only said as his greatest work to date.

No covers feature on 'The Same Again...' but in it's place is a brilliantly produced piece of Electro Grindcore you will probably hear. Putting aside the fact that none of the songs are over two minutes long (a crime of which he may never be brought to account on) the EP stands tall over the previous releases.

Starting with a riff that can only be described as axe warping, we begin with 'ERMHERGERD', which mixes a heavy guitar and digital discourse with amazing grace and anger. Next comes 'King of Meats' where it takes more of an industrial turn. It's hear that you can really tell the improvement in the production value as things seem to be tighter than a nuns' secret parts.
The best track by far is 'Hung like a Horse' which once again apart from it's shortness could be considered for clubnights. It's mix of glitchy electro and Industrial headbanging makes for the EP's greatest triumph. 
'Buy my Merch' is a perfect example of the new direction of the project. It's heavier feel could be loved by many on the Hardcore/Screamo scene, as well as fans of Slayer and Napalm Death.
It's finale 'Petrol Hoers loves you' is a grand ending. Playing out like the end of an EP by Gay For Johnny Depp but with keyboards, it simply fades away into it's own insanity.

In total this EP has changed Petrol Hoers from a gimmick in a rubber mask into something that may last a little bit longer...

This is all of course nonsense, but fancy words aside it's a fucking awesome release and you'd be a fool not to at least try it!

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