Monday 9 June 2014

Long Standing Brum Alt. Club Risks Closure.

original artwork from Edwards No. 8.
Deep in the heart of the UK's 'Home of Metal' lies the legendary alternative nightclub 'Eddies', but as of Thursday 5th June 2014 the future of this haven to all that is Rock, Goth and Industrial hangs in the balance as the building is now in new ownership.

Thursday afternoon saw organisers announce that "Due to a 'Change in Ownership' of the 'Property', EDDIES will have to be CLOSED this weekend." on their facebook page.
"It has come as a big shock" Manager Colin Wall stated  "and when I have all the Facts we will post them up."  

Starting over 20 years ago 'Edwards No.8' used to be a large complex featuring two clubs and two pubs, but after it's closure in 2007 due to a fire it's future looked grim. Luckily the clubs owners found a new venue housed in the aptly named 'Gough street' two years later. Bands to have played at the venue include the likes of Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, VNV Nation and even Nirvana.

Godflesh live in  89'. Courtesy of Dickshort photos.
Jodie (Jo Jo) Griffin, event organizer of Dystopia started the night when she became the president of the University of Birminghams' Goth Society. "It took on a life of it's own once we took up residence in the Dungeon at Eddie's; Jojo notes, "We were given free reign to play our trademark eclectic (often rather silly!) mix of music styles, as well as the opportunity for lots of people to have a go themselves, creating an involved and friendly atmosphere." 
"It's much more than just a club, it has become a community of friends and a place where unforgettable memories are made."
The club has also been home to a number of host DJ's, including Industrial heavy weight Presley. Starting out in the 90's he then made a name for himself working 'The Goth Room' giving it an new lease of life.

 "I'm not really into reminiscing, but that place had something special. It's hard to pin point what exactly, probably a whole load of things, but mainly it was the people. There were no politics, no bullshitting, just a big group of people all working for the same cause and supporting each other. When it burnt down it was destroying to all of us, it was heartbreaking."
His opinion of the latest venue is mixed. "Eddies since then has never quite captured that same feeling, but it's still a hugely important part of the alternative scene. Birmingham needs Eddies to keep going in one form or another. I'm keeping everything crossed for the DJ's and Staff who work there currently, many of them I'm still in touch with."
Another grand night out for the Dystopia crew. Photo by Crestfall
Patrons of the club are in shock and have even started up a facebook group as solidarity and had over 500 members within the hour of it's creation.

Although the future is uncertain for this important part of Birminghams' music history, the mark it has left so far will make sure it won't go down without a fight. Details are to be decided next week on the clubs outcome.

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