Tuesday 17 June 2014

Review: Cosmic Armchair – 'We Are Watching'

'We Are Watching'

Cosmic Armchair may be a name that sounds like a parody of a 60s psychedelic band (like Lysergic Casserole for example), but Alfa Matrix's new signings from Singapore no laughing matter. The duo of Cosmic Jane and Cosmic Ben have got their sights set on dancefloor domination.

'We Are Watching', their début EP, is full of euphoric club-friendly tracks full of light trance leads and compelling dance beats permeated by ethereal feminine vocals. 'The opening track 'Conversation' is a light and airy chill out track that would be addition to an end of evening set. While 'Don't Leave Me Here' delves into more synthpop and new wave waters with a fuller and more cohesive sound.

The three club mixes that round-off the EP, 'Marching Of The Days', 'Cross the Line', and 'Conversation' display a more relentless and more self-assured sound. The more varied elements and beat-orientated backbone flesh out the songs nicely and especially when comparing the first version of 'Conversation' with the club mix, it is easy to see where their true talents lie.

As a dance band, the club mixes definitely see the duo on their strongest footing, where as the opening tracks are pleasant enough listening, they don't quite have the determination of the last three. But ultimately this is a good first outing, that only really suffers from a little awkwardness in the way the delicate vocals are mixed. It's going to be interesting to see what shape their full-length début will take.

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