Monday 2 June 2014

Interview: Jason C. Miller (Godhead)

Over the edge of the world...

“Country music is a part of me just as much as Godhead is.”

Godhead shot to fame in 2001 on a wave of positive reviews for their Marilyn Manson championed album, '2000 Years Of Human Error'. A slew of high-profile slots supporting artists such as Black Sabbath, Disturbed and Rammstein followed with their blend of hard rock, metal and industrial finding converts with every show. Albums such as 'Evolver' and 'The Shadow Line' quickly established the band as a diverse entity.
Yet after 2008's 'At The Edge Of The World' however, it all went quite. Vocalist and composer Jason C. Miller has since embarked on a well-received solo career exploring the darker reaches of country music. But six years on and Godhead shows signs of life once more with the release of the remix album 'The Shadow Realigned'.
We caught up with Miller for a quick chat on the new release and the future of Godhead.

Intravenous Magazine: Firstly, 'The Shadow Realigned' has already been met with many positive reviews. Are you happy with it's reception?

Jason C. Miller: Absolutely! I'm really surprised actually and very humbled by all the great feedback and reviews.

IVM: What was the genesis of the idea and why did you choose to exclusively revisit your 2006 album 'The Shadow Line' rather than select songs from across your back catalogue?

JCM: Well, it was kind of a pet project of mine. We got the master rights back to the original album, so besides re-releasing the original, I thought why not have a little fun and collaborate with a lot of great people to make it even better.

IVM: Can we expect any other albums to get the same treatment or do you see this more as a one-time event?

JCM: Well, we included five remixes of 'At the Edge of the World', so this is probably a one time thing.

IVM: The album sees a variety of producers putting their own spin on the songs. Was there ever a worry that this might become a case of “too many cooks spoiling the broth”?

JCM: Nope, I had much more of a "stone soup" mentality on this one!

IVM: What was the experience like in trying to organise the construction of this album?

JCM: It was a little difficult facilitating everything, because we were waiting on different people's schedules, but it all worked out in the end.

IVM: Out of all of those who contributed, who were you most excited to work with, and was there anyone you wanted who was unable to participate?

JCM: I was super excited to work with everyone. Ha-ha. It was great to get so many creative ideas from so many friends.

IVM: There is a huge variety of styles at work on the album, but everything works to compliment the original sound. How do you feel this album encapsulates and builds on the Godhead sound?

JCM: I think it's a great synergy of so many different creative people, and is a good representation of several incarnations of the band.

IVM: Many people would have initially become familiar with Godhead due to the release of '2000 Years Of Human Error' thirteen years ago on Marilyn Manson's short-lived Posthuman Records. Has this been something that has held you back in anyway or has it been more positive?

JCM: It's certainly been WAY more positive than negative. It might have scared off a few program directors in country radio (when I release my solo material), but that's about it.

IVM: The last Godhead release was 2008's 'At The Edge Of The World'. Since then you've released three solo albums all rooted in country music, was this an easy transition for you and how has that audience received you?

JCM: The audience has been great, but the transition has been anything but easy. I'm up to the challenge, though. Country music is a part of me just as much as Godhead is.

IVM: Have you found there to be much crossover between Godhead fans and those who have discovered you through your solo work?

JCM: There has been quite a bit actually!

IVM: With six years between albums and both yourself and the other band members involved in different projects, do you see Godhead as a going concern for you, and could there be new music on the horizon?

JCM: There's always that possibility, but with the members of the band scattered all over the country involved with other things, there are no immediate plans.

IVM: Many of the songs actually 'The Shadow Realigned' sounds as though could be replicated live and quite easily inserted into a Godhead set. Are there any plans on the horizons to take them on the road?

JCM: I think we could certainly do that if a Godhead tour materializes, yes.

IVM: Finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

JCM: I'm working on a variety of different projects, songs for TV, scoring two films and playing a bunch of solo shows, so I'm always busy!

Godhead's latest album, 'The Shadow Realigned' is available to buy now via Warrior Records. For more information on the band, please visit their official website.

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