Wednesday 4 June 2014

Review: XP8 – 'One Of Three: Nigredo'

'One Of Three: Nigredo'

If last year's outstanding cyberpunk concept album 'Adrenochrome' and it's remix companion 'Meathead's Lost HD' weren't enough to convince the doubters, then the duos latest outing should. 'One Of Three: Nigredo' is the first of a three-part EP series that conceptually explores the alchemical process set to a heady mix of old school trance distilled through modern edm that once again pushes the boundaries of alternative dance music. That may be something that some people will have trouble getting their heads around, but the simple fact is XP8 are back and doing what they do best.

XP8 dive straight in with the relentless 'Dolly Was A Raver' – full of hard beats, a simple but effective lead and sub-woofer shattering bass there is no doubt become an overnight club anthem. 'Engage The Bass' sees Marco and Marko get a little more sinister, with it's hard driving pace and more aggressive use of trance influences it is another dance-floor classic in the making.

'Primitive' slows things down, keeping the darker and more sinister vibe of 'Engage the Bass', it is still a good dance track, but when the vocals really soar it is evident that this will be a strong live track. 'Troll Control' brings things back round to the liveliness of the opener, with added playfulness that is reflected in the wubbing bass, energetic synths, and sing-a-long lyrics. The EP is then rounded off with Phaezek 4 remix of last year's lead single 'Information' which gets a nice and hard overhaul.

'… Nigredo' shows that there is definitely no sign of putrefaction in the XP8 sound. In fact, just as you think you've got them nailed now, they still manage to pull something great out of the bag. If all three EPs in this series are as strong as this then prepare to hear a lot from them over the next couple of years.  

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