Thursday 17 January 2013

Black Tape For A Blue Girl announce 'Tenderotics'

27-year veteran darkwavers Black Tape For A Blue Girl have announced 'Tenderotics' a new re-imagination of their acclaimed 2009 album '10 Neurotics', featuring fourteen newly reworked tracks and remix contributions from the likes of Android Lust, Steve Roach and Attrition.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl mastermind Sam Rosenthal writes:
“For the last few years, I've thought about creating a remix/reprocessing project based on my 10 Neurotics album. Every now and then, I would bring a song up on the computer, listen to the tracks, and discover I was quite excited by reimagining these songs. When I'm in the process of recording & mixing, my brain has ONE GOAL for a song, and it has to be that way. Giving the songs time and space, I began hearing other elements - seeing other possibilities.”
The album will be available in digital form as well as a limited release of 1000 standard CD and deluxe CD in it's own furry slipcase (only 100 copies) and will go on sale on February 12th via Projekt Records.

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