Tuesday 29 January 2013

Review: The Eden House - 'Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings)'

‘Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings)’

The Eden House is one of those dream projects that just seems to work on every level. More of a collective than an actual band, it sees some of the most talented musicians and vocalists in the goth scene (and beyond) come together, without ego clashes, to create great art.

Formed around the central trio of Stephen Carey, Tony Pettitt and Andy Jackson The Eden House has seen a host of guests across their album 'Smoke & Mirrors' and two EPs 'The Looking Glass' and 'Timeflows' including Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse), Amandine Ferrari (Banished), Lee Douglas (Anathema) Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) and Simon Hinkler (The Mission). The result each time has been magic. Therefore The Eden Project's latest single, ‘Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings)’,  has a lot to live up to already.

The band immediately puts any worries to bed though, as it becomes evident from the initial bars of the trip hop tinged, guitar driven A-side that they are only going from strength-to-strength. A mellow blend of hypnotic female vocals, trippy electronic embellishments, grooving bass line and some sublime guitar work give this song a strong, driving pace that is at the same time subtle in it's execution.
The B-side 'Survival Instinct' is again subtle and hypnotic, but instead of the driving driving rock underbelly of the A-side, it opts instead for a more haunting ambient-electronic style for the main bulk of the song before breaking out the guitars and drums for a big outro.

If this single is anything to go by The Eden House's next album, 'Half Life' (due for release in April), will be another classic slice of progressive gothic rock.

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