Tuesday 8 January 2013

Eisenherz to release second album on January 25th

Bavarian purveyors of Neue Deutsche Härte (that's “New German Hardness” for the uninitiated) Eisenherz have announced they will be releasing their sophomore album 'Fluch Der Zeit' on January 25th via D.O.T.T. Records.

Musically somewhere between Rammstein, In Extremo and Unheilig, Eisenherz and their crossover sound are no strangers to big stages having already secured a primtime spot at lat year's Wacken Festival.

In February 2013 Eisenherz will embark on a central European tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to present 'Fluch Der Zeit' live on stage.

Track List:

1. 'Eisenherz'
2. 'Die Nacht'
3. 'Du Liebst Mich Nicht'
4. 'Fluch Der Zeit'
5. 'Racheengel'
6. 'Licht Der Welt'
7. 'Du Bist So Kal''
8. 'Vampir'
9. 'Schlampenball'
10. 'Scheintot“
11. 'Manipulator'
12. 'Schicksal'
Bonus track
13. 'Die Seele Brennt' (Remaster)

For more information on Eisenherz and to keep up-to-date with the latest news on 'Fluch Der Zeit', please visit the band's official website.

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