Wednesday 16 January 2013

Review: Eschaton Hive - 'Eschaton Hive'

'Eschaton Hive'

This self-titled album from the post-apocalyptic industrial metal outfit from Australia has been out for a while now and it's a shame it hasn't got the attention it deserves. The band mix the mask and pseudonym formula of The Berzerker's early years with a much more accessible form of heavy, industrial metal.

Frantic guitar riffs, distorted death metal-esque vocals, grinding synths and a hell of a lot of samples barrage the listener on tracks like 'Duck N Cover', 'Escahtonation' and 'Want. Need. Have'. However the band are not afraid to mix things up on tracks like 'Warpz[o]ne', 'Pandemic' and '...And Then Til Now', which get experimental with structures and genres with great effect. The album's shining moment though comes in the form of 'Zombie Attack Plan' which manages to blend these twos side of the band perfectly and channels the band's chaotic energy into what will surely become a signature song for the band.
The production is a little rough and ready for the most part. With so much distortion and harsh synths bombarding the speakers, the album veers too close to sounding like white noise in a few places. Yet where the songs have room to breathe, particularly on the more drum, bass and keyboard orientated songs like 'Warpz[o]ne', the band sound perfectly balanced. A nip, tuck and tweak here and there would add an extra sheen to their sound without a doubt.

Eschaton Hive have a lot going for them. They have the look, the characters and the talent to take their concept to an international audience. And while the album is essentially a first step to solidify their domestic status, it should serve to pique the interests of more than a few people overseas as well.

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