Thursday 24 January 2013

Depeche Mode Announce New Album Details

Synthpop stalwarts Depeche Mode have announced that their next album, 'Delta Machine', will be available from the 26th March on Columbia Records. The British three-piece have been producing music since the 1980s and are probably best known for 'Personal Jesus', a track that has spawned many covers by a variety of artists.

This their 13th studio album was produced by Ben Hillier and mixed by Flood who have both worked with the group on previous releases - 'Playing The Angel' and 'Violator' respectively. As well as the usual CD format 'Delta Machine' will also be available in a deluxe edition which will include a photo book. The first single 'Heaven' will have it's video début on February 1st via Vevo.

Speaking about the writing and recording process song writer and guitarist Martin Gore said "I wanted the sound of this collection to be very modern. I want people to feel good about listening to this record, to get some kind of peace". Frontman Dave Gahan added "When we hit a wall where we realise the album is beginning to sound too normal, we'll mess it up and really give it that organic Depeche Mode sound. 'Delta Machine' is no different".

After the album release the band plan on a European tour starting in Tel Aviv in May. Details of a North American tour are expected to be revealed in the near future.

Track Lists:

Delta Machine - Standard CD:
1. Welcome To My World
2. Angel
3. Heaven
4. Secret To The End
5. My Little Universe
6. Slow
7. Broken
8. The Child Inside
9. Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
10. Should Be Higher
11. Alone
12. Soothe My Soul
13. Goodbye

Delta Machine - Deluxe Edition: (includes hardcover 28-page booklet)

Disc 1
1 - Welcome To My World
2 - Angel
3 - Heaven
4 - Secret To The End
5 - My Little Universe
6 - Slow
7 - Broken
8 - The Child Inside
9 - Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
10 - Should Be Higher
11 - Alone
12 - Soothe My Soul
13 - Goodbye

Disc 2
1 - Long Time Lie
2 - Happens All The Time
3 - Always
4 - All That’s Mine

'Heaven' CD:

“Heaven” CD Single:
1 - Heaven
2 - All That’s Mine (b side bonus track)

'Heaven' CD maxi single:
1 - Heaven
2 - Heaven (Owlle Remix)
3 - Heaven (steps to heaven rmx)
4 - Heaven (Blawan Remix)
5 - Heaven (Mathew Dear vs Audion Remix)

For the latest news on Depeche Mode, visit their official website.

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