Thursday 24 January 2013

Review: Unitary - 'Misanthropy'


Unitary, as the name suggests, is the product of one man, Swede Johan Hansson. 'Misanthropy' is his second release on German label Infacted Recordings and he describes his sound as 'Emotional Body Music'. Judging by the long-winded, ambient intro his emotions do not include happiness or positivity (the clue was in the title). Though the album has been remastered and re-released so it can't be that misanthropic.

The main body of the album is the standard ebm formula that many will be familiar with. The tracks are well mixed and produced and easily danceable with few stand-outs, which essentially gives 'Misanthropy' the feeling of being one long track. 'Mkultra' is the first to break the pattern, being the only slow track on the album. It shows Hansson can do more than program a beat, he can also make an interesting and involving song. The following track, 'My Profane', shows more promise still with a more upbeat feel and catchy lyrics, essential for club appreciation. After this peak the album reverts to type with generic synth dance beats and miserable lyrics. Final track 'Memesis' is edm - "Electronic Dirge Music" - bleak and drawn out, with no depth or beauty to it and gives the listener no reward for getting to the end.

The remastered version of the album, 'Misanthropy II' was released just a few months after the first release date. As well as the original tracks it contains more remixes, perhaps in an attempt to give the listener something to look forward to at the end of an otherwise uneventful experience.

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