Wednesday 2 January 2013

Review: Die Krupps - 'Risikofaktor'


Synth stalwarts Die Krupps are set to release their latest single on the 18th of this month in honour of everyone surviving the "foretold" Mayan end of the world. In suitable 'post-apocalyptic' style the three track single release is a combination of futuristic ebm, classic synth and raw guitars.

Producing music for more than thirty years has not stagnated the German trio. 'Risikofaktor' (literally translated as 'Risk Factor') is catchy, hook-laden dance fodder for the darkly-minded. The titular track is a punchy, stomping affair with a classic, but not tired, ebm sound that everyone wants: i.e. easy to dance to in big boots and slowly building-up to a big club-friendly crescendo.

'Zwei Herzen, Ein Rhythmus' is given a refreshing revamp courtesy of Laether Strip. The vocals are high and clear giving them an 80s synthpop feel while the quintessential ebm beat backs it up. A track which at first seems very simple is at once very effective.

The last track is a live version of 'Der Amboss' recorded at 2011's Amphi Festival. It demonstrates the group's rockier, more organic influences with live guitars and English vocals.

A reassuring release for old fans as it shows that after three decades Jurgen Engler and crew can still pull it out of the bag, as well as being a great way for the uninitiated to be introduced to one of the pillars of the scene.

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