Tuesday 8 January 2013

Review: The Last Cry - 'Living In Grey'

'Living In Grey' 

It's hard to believe that The Last Cry have been around since the 1980s and are only on their second album. A near decade of almost continuous line-up changes later and the band seemed to fade into the footnotes of gothic rock history. But in 2009 Andrew Birch, Chris Carey and Tim Green came back together and the band finally released their long-awaited début album 'Walking To The Edge' proving that good things indeed come to those who wait. Now, after a comparatively short four years, The Last Cry unveil their sophomore effort on Af-Music.

The band's penchant for catchy melodies and memorable sing-a-long lyrics underpinned by a strong bass groove and tasteful keyboard work remains intact throughout their melancholic pop-rock formula. Big choruses and extravagant atmospheres are the name of the game as the band take their cues from the likes of The Cure and Depeche Mode on songs like 'Falling Away', 'Song About' and 'Jane' to provide the album with it's more sumptuous moments. While 'Broken Hearts', 'Through Her Eyes' and 'To Dream Next To You' tap into the rawer end of the goth spectrum for the driving pace of the album. But it is the title track that closes the album where the band balance their two sides to create a grand nine-minute finale.
The album really does feel like a balancing act all the way through between their more primal urges and their ability to craft some seriously effective pop hooks. A difficult task even for bands with money to burn. Occasionally they stumble and the production sounds too raw in the wrong place, but for the most part the mix and the performance maintains its decorum.

The album is a fine second effort, and one that will no doubt increase their standing throughout the European scene. However with the band capable of a big finish like a 'Living In Grey', it is a shame that more of the songs on the album didn't take those kind of chances.

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