Tuesday 1 January 2013

Review: tweaker - 'Call The Time Eternity'

'Call The Time Eternity'

Formed back in the 90s dark electronic act tweaker began as the solo project of Chris Vrenna (ex-Nine Inch Nails). By the time of the second release in 2004, musician and producer Clint Walsh [ex-Jack Off Jill, Gnarls Barkley] had been added as a permanent member to make tweaker a duo. The band's sophomore album '2am Wakeup Call' featured, among others, Robert Smith on vocals in the creeping and sinister 'Truth Is'.

The new album 'Call The Time Eternity' has been eight years in the making as Vrenna has been busy with other commitments, most notably playing with Marilyn Manson and going through a divorce. This recent turmoil is evident throughout the new material, which once again features a number of guest vocalists.

The opening track is a distorted and dark instrumental with a persistent bass line and twisted samples - the perfect introduction. Jack Off Jill's Jessicka provides the vocals for the introspective 'Nothing At All' with the repetitive 'Don't cry, don't feel' lyrics. 'A Bit Longer Than Usual' is an intelligent, ambient track with guts, it's dark undercurrent given a human connection through the vocals, making it all the more chilling. Track four is awesomely twisted with unhinged vocals providing a glimpse of Vrenna at his lowest - "Who needs friends when you've got meds?".

'Grounded', featuring
 KArin from Collide on vocals, offers a glimmer of hope but the majority of the album is self destruction precisely constructed through synths and distortion. Each track is a perfectly crafted window of darkness. The sharp electronics layered over organic guitars are the industrial equivalent of Vrenna's broken thoughts and raw emotion. An album well worth the eight year wait. Trent Reznor better watch his back.

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