Sunday 3 February 2013

Editorial: February 2013

As I said in last week's compendium, it has been a very humbling experience over the past month. The support we've been shown from  fans, bands, labels and other publications has been more than we could have hoped for. While there have been one or two teething problems, everything for the most part has run quite smoothly as we've tried hard to stick to our publication schedule. We will continue to do our best to bring you some great articles as often as we can... If you fancy helping us out in that respect check out the the last paragraph of this column.

I'm listening to the new album from Combichrist for the new Devil May Cry computer game as I write this in an attempt to relax before I write up some news stories and edit an interview tomorrow.  I don't know why I thought this would work as it is not in the least bit relaxing... however I do feel like I've vicariously blown off some steam... so swings and roundabouts. Speaking of Combichrist though, This album is a big step for the band, whether theses stylistic choices are to remain part of the band's canon or not remains to be seen. But you'll get my full and frank opinion on this as well as several other albums in the coming days. But if you are a Combichrist fan, you may want to check out this fan documentary/live show by youtube user dizzyberkowitz:

Anyway, what's coming up this month you ask? Well let  me tell you, you impatient little buggers. We'll have the second half of our Hammer Horror head-to-head as well as a ton of reviews and interviews with the likes of Aeon Sable and Chris Vrenna to name a couple. I guess you'll have to just keep checking us out on facebook, twitter and tumblr as well as here on the main site to keep up-to-date on the latest from us!

Finally, if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. We are currently looking for guest columnists as well as writers and reviewers specialising in music, books and films.

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