Thursday 7 February 2013

Review: Blitzkrieg Baby – 'Porcus Norvegicus'

Blitzkrieg Baby 
'Porcus Norvegicus' 

The press release accompanying 'Porcus Norvegicus' states that "Blitzkrieg Baby’s music is depraved, debased, stylized, brutal, and merciless". The first three are undeniably true, and one could not truthfully contradict that the experience of listening to this release one feels brutalized unmercifully, but what brutal and merciless has come to mean in the last couple decades tends to mean walls of dense noise closing in with no respite and what we have here is anything but.

Much of the sonic landscape is symphonic in its component parts. Not the diatonic repeated, but never developed melodies of neoclassical rendered by synthetic or acoustic means, but closer to some of the more rhythmic and confrontation al experiments of 20th century composers. Blitzkrieg Baby can hit the listener over the head with harsh distorto-percussion and angry white man shouts and they do to great effect, but it's the finely layered subtle dissonant drones and swelling, building, subsiding orchestral percussion and strings that bring the menace. Industrial music grew out of the art world with its manifestos and tendency to de-construct and recontextualize. With 'Porcus Norvegicus', some of that spirit is revived without imitating the sounds and methods of the originators.

This is a release that pulls one into their world. From the monumental stomp of 'Fuck Me Like You Hate Me', which is reminiscent of  Wax Trax era Controlled Bleeding to the to the skipping, skittering spurting blurt of 'Disneyfied, Delirious and HIV+' to the funeral march timpanis of 'Viva La Morte', all is madness. It could be the view outward from within psychosis or it could be the impressions of one awakening to gaze upon our world, seeing it as it is for the first time. Either way, it is madness and it is beautiful.

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