Sunday 10 February 2013

Review: Controlled Collapse - 'Dzień Sądu'

'Dzień Sądu' 

'Dzień Sądu' literally means 'Judgement Day'. While the end of the world or a hopeless future is a common theme among ebm and aggrotech bands, this glimpse of Controlled Collapse shows they are anything but common. The Polish act, created by Wojciech Krol, has been producing music for around ten years and their third album, 'Babel,' is due in March. This four track single is the first to be released from the album and comprises two remixes as well as the single and an instrumental.

'Dzień Sądu' has no slow build-up, no gradual rise, just straight in with jarring guitars, an urgent beat and Krol's native tongue, distorted and dictator like. Not necessarily a dancefloor hit but undoubtedly a great album track. 'The Cube', remixed by The .invalid, is hard not to move to, and while CC say their material is less aggressive and more melodic than previously, there is enough distorted guts in this to make it uneasy but compelling listening. And dancing.

The second appearance of 'Dzień Sądu' is another remix, this time by R010R, a more ambient electro version adding more bleakness but no less urgency. 'G.I. Joe (Silent)', an instrumental track, has the feel of a relentless march, although the upbeat synth melody makes it almost peaceful in places. Four tracks of well produced and carefully structured industrial ebm make a welcome introduction for 'Babel'. If this selection of material is representative of the forthcoming album, dancefloors and djs across Europe should expect to hear a lot more of Controlled Collapse.

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