Sunday 10 February 2013

Review: Elastik - 'Instrumental E.P.'

'Instrumental EP' 

There are bands that purposefully cultivate an aura of mystery, to make their music more exclusive and themselves more credible. Then there are other artists who keep their presence to a minimum, ceasing to exist outside their albums, or sometimes even within them. Elastik are the latter. Without much of a social media presence, a sparse website containing just the facts and no pictures of the artist (or artists?) or even their names, there is nothing to judge them on except their music and desire to remain hidden. This elusiveness only adds to the atmosphere of their music.

'Instrumental' is six tracks of beautifully crafted horror. Classical instruments, keys and synths work in fractured harmony to create perfect gothic haunted house music. This is not the spooky cabaret stuff that seems to be everywhere at the moment, this is Danny Elfman's scarier little brother who lives under the stairs. With an orchestra.

Although three of the tracks are taken from the first two albums (Metalik and Critik) they are simply called 'Instru 1' and 'Instru 2' etc. They range from ambient, creeping, whispers in the attic to the darker, relentless footsteps of some malevolent force.While their previous releases feature some vocals and samples, this instrumental EP is no less accessible and no less effective. Torturous pleasure to listen to.

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