Tuesday 19 February 2013

Review: Three Winters - 'The Atrocities EP'

'The Atrocities EP' 

The début EP from the trio of Kim Sølve [Blitzkrieg Baby, K100], Anders B [Babyflesh, Mind & Flesh] and Lars Fredrik Frøislie [Wobbler, White Willow] collectively known as Three Winters, is an intriguing listen. A mix of catchy synthpop melodies and coldwave atmosphere, it is at the same time dark and also uplifting.

The three tracks on offer here are from the band's forthcoming full-length album. And if these are anything to go by it will be a very interesting experience. The band could be best summed up as a mix between the atmospherics of The Soft Moon and the cinematic appeal of Moroder.

The opening song, 'Atrocities' is a pure instrumental comprised of minimal beats, haunting synth melodies and dark, cavernous production that blends the clinical with the catchy. The second song, 'At The Centre Of Dystopia', is for the most part a cold and mechanical sounding instrumental that briefly features some heavily vocoded Kraftwerk-esque vocals. Again it is a brilliantly executed and memorable song. The third original song, 'Aeon Surveillance' makes good use of hanging chords for a light and uncomplicated sound that builds on itself for a short, but sweet finale.

The four remixes courtesy Pseen, Aymeric Thomas, Mister and Th. Tot provide very individual re-interpretations of the source material, but nothing that doesn't compliment the originals. Though this EP may be filed under the “Thinking man's electro” category, Aymeric Thomas and Th.Tot still give us a glimpse of some dance potential.

This is a very promising EP that hints at great things to come from Three Winters. Their minimalistic and atmospheric approach to synthpop will be an instant his for ambient-electro, coldwave, witch house and anyone who owns the Moroder Metropolis soundtrack. It will be very interesting to see how this project progresses.

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