Wednesday 20 February 2013

Review : Hocico - 'El Último Minuto'

'El Último Minuto'

Cousins Erik and Oscar are back again with their seventh aggro-tech opus 'El Útimo Minuto'.  Based around a loose concept of the last music you hear before you die, released in December to coincide with the end of the Mayan cycle (that some morons believed to mean they’d predicted the end of the world…).
The ingredients are pretty much all there, eleven tracks of hard pounding electro, underlying apocalyptic synths and harsh vocals.

Granted, having Hocico written on a record is a seal of approval that the contents are going to be good, but it’s all becoming a bit formulaic. Nothing new or innovative here. Granted, it’s difficult not to dance along to the likes of ‘The Watcher’ or ‘Vile Whispers’ but neither of these are going to become classics.
OK, it’s unfair to be down on an album due to not containing classics, but moreso, in a scene dominated by the dance floor, it lacks even more than short-lived club hits.

Nevertheless, ‘El Útimo Minuto’ is packed with abrasive rhythms and pounding beats, the occasional spiked groove pierces through and prods you to dance and maybe it’s not full of long-lasting anthems but is still a competent release.

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