Friday 1 February 2013

The weekly compendium 01/02/2013

Well it has been a great month with some great articles. So far the support we've had from not only people in the biz but music fans as well has been truly humbling. We'll endeavour to keep up the quality.

First things first, you may remember that we started one of those picture sharing competitions on Facebook and twitter to win a bundle of CDs from Static Distortion Records. Well over the course of the month we've had a fair few shares and have picked some names out of a hat and I can announce that the following three people have won!

Antonella Di Franco
Steven Jacobs ‏ @concertstevenf
Emma Clark

Expect a message on either facebook or twitter later today.

In other news this week we've had a little chat with rising stars of the US industrial scene The Ludovico Technique, as well as reviews of the latest releases from Nude, Cryogenic Echelon, The Eden House, Pittersplatter and Kommand + Kontrol.

On the social media front we've seen album previews from GLIS, Ulterior and The Klinik as well as a new, free compilation of Swedish electronic music!

Well that's it for this week. If you didn't win the competition you have our commiserations  but don't worry, I'm sure we can rustle up some more fun for you soon!

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