Wednesday 13 February 2013

Meinhard announce 'Beyond Wonderland'

Meinhard has announced that the forthcoming début album 'Beyond Wonderland' will be released on 15th March 2013 via Out Of Line.

The album, Co-produced by John Fryer (HIM, Nine Inch Nails), conceptually revolves around the Lewis Carroll children's classic Alice's Adventure In Wonderland and will be available as both digital download and standard CD formats.
'Beyond Wonderland' is a sonic chameleon that changes colour just that very moment you think you can put your finger on it all: a histrionic dance with Medieval Rock merges into Eighties-style Synth-Pop-tunes that shape-shift into Electro-Swing-butterflies while Art Rock and Glam are flirting with Dark Wave.”
Track list:I. Beyond Wonderland
II. Mr.White Rabbit
III. Falling!
IV. Nimmerwo
V. Sea of Tears
VI. Caucus Race
VII. ontopofthemushroom
VIII. Pig&Pepper
IX. CatNip
X. MaD aS A hAtTer
XI. (Mock)Turtle
XII. The Trial

Official music video for 'Falling!' by Meinhard, taken from the album "Beyond Wonderland". 2012, Directed and camera by Patrick Plischke for "besserdrei" and StellaNuova.

For more information on Meinhard, please visit the band's official website.

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