Thursday 7 February 2013

The weekly compendium 08/02/2013

It's nearly the weekend again, yay! Though some of us will still be working on articles for next week (i.e. me!). But enough about my awesome lack of effective time management, here's the highlights of the week!

We kicked things off with an interview with prog-goth duo Aeon Sable as they gave us the low down on their latest album 'Saturn Return'. While over in reviews we've seen the new releases from Combichrist, Blutengel, Die Rostigen Löffel, Blitzkrieg Baby, V.e.N, and United And Identified. And also we brought you the news on the forthcoming album from The Klinik as well as the new download releases from electro-label Alfa Matrix.

It's been a little quiet this week on the social media front but our interviewees of the week Aeon Sable have launched a pledge campaign to help publish their new album on CD. While the brilliant Cease2xist gave us a limited free download.

That's all for this week. Make sure you come back on Monday as we'll be working hard over the weekend to make sure you've got your daily doses of darkness next week.

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