Tuesday 5 February 2013

Review: Die Rostigen Löffel - 'Auf Die Deponie'

'Auf Die Deponie' 

Die Rostigen Löffel (in English that's “The Rusty Spoons”), is one of those anomalous little projects that slowly evolves into something quite interesting. Having already got an album, EP as well as numerous remix appearances under their collective belt, the band have offered up a free single featuring the songs 'Auf Die Deponie' and '303' as a precursor to their forthcoming sophomore effort which is being co-produced by Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly/Decree).

The band's sound is a low-fi mix of noise, hip-hop beats and industrial rock which gives the band an early 90s, digital hardcore feel, albeit a more sedate version. The a-side 'Auf Die Deponie', is a very beat-orientated track that awkwardly interacts with slow guitars and sinister vocals. It shouldn't really work, but there is something rather catchy about it, particularly when the synth melodies come to the fore. '303' on the other hand is a very short instrumental that clocks up a mere 57 seconds. However the toe-tapping beat and chopped-up style of sampling is very effective.

This is a head scratcher. As a first impression the band seem rather outdated and struggle to give their sound any real depth. Yet that being said these are simple and catchy songs which, in spite of there rough presentation, are well enough constructed to create a sense of intrigue. It will be interesting to see how representative these songs are of the band's next album.

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