Friday 23 August 2013

ESO announce final tour!

ESO tour for the final time playing Europe
 and the UK (including Birmingham)

Dark rockers ESO have announced that the next tour, scheduled to start with an acoustic set in Croyden, is to be their last.  ESO (starting life as EsOterica)  stated "This final tour will be a celebration of everything we've achieved together and so we will be doing some extra special songs for these farewell shows."

Beginning with an exclusive acoustic set, set in Croyden on the 13th september, and then journeying to The Netherlands and France, the band will then return to the UK to play in citys like Birmingham and Bournemouth before coming to a storming finale in London.

The band, famous for such classics as 'Don't rely on anyone', 'The Divide' and the astounding cover of Sarah McLachlan's 'Silence' also said "We are so proud of everything we have achieved and are incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us and especially to all our fans - you really are the best."   Last month, drummer, brother and original member Luke Keast announced his departure after the tour.

A live DVD is set to be released sometime in October and lead singer Toby Keast planning on further projects in the future.  

For Details on the final tour dates, visit: ESO's facebook page

-I would personally like to say that I have followed these boys since the early days and it will be a shame to see them go.  I have gone to every tour since I moved to the Midlands, and they have always been great to me.  Never has a band treated me with such respect and I will be by their side for the final tour documenting their last stint around the UK.  

"Trust me, you won't want to miss it!"- ESO

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