Tuesday 6 August 2013

Review: Kartagon - 'In The Clinic'

'In The Clinic' 

In the depths of the mountain range around Basel, Switzerland, lives a dark ferocious noise called Kartagon. The synthetic duo of Hannes[B] and Thomas Daverio that combines a post-modern look of sharp crisp black shirts, clean cut hair and charcoaled demon skin.

The prelude begins with ‘Believer intro’ followed by the actual track. A repetitive keyboard haunts your eardrum as blunt voices slowly come into the blurry picture. Searching and running through sea-scapes in search of the answer from the lighthouse through the stormy seas. The drum keeps the momentum in check as the keyboard tries to run away with the rhythm.

Calling up the ‘Sanity Hotline’ introduction we have our options.
Schizophrenia? Press two,
Nervous disorder? Press four repeatedly; just wait for the beep.

 A raw injection of blunt anger with petite slices of seduction, this cake’s layers have more fuel laced than you expected. With a few slides down the lighthouse pole with red legs from the friction, it’s time to keep travelling. Though stormy weather is coming into the shore line with the lighter tones of ‘One Day’, accompanied by the trailing voice of a woman bites into your ears.

‘Messiah’ produces the thought of the never ending trail into the countryside, as you look for civilisation, salvation, science.

Soon the sky turns red; a car is blasting some Swiss electro with a demon at the wheel, science has come with a swig of vodka and you accelerate into horizon with ’Sons of Bleeding Skies’. As the engine over-revs and you crash into a field, you find yourself in the driving seat as the ‘Enemy Inside’, sitting on the crushed bonnet piano crashes on the keys ring to despair.

‘My Own World’ makes that piano haunt you throughout the next minutes as the insanity of Kartagon, as a white room mental patient starts vibrating with violins. The evil smile of the Clinic is seen in the reflection of the Doctor’s metal tools.  ‘Red tears’ ends the compositions with the final seconds before the Lobotomy, and now Kartagon can’t haunt anymore…

Remixes are dubbed to the likes of Rotersand Daniel Myer, Patenbrigade Wolff: and others.  ‘Sanity (Daniel Myer Remix)’ is a call to get on the dance floor and make those eyes of yours black as steel. ‘One Day (Dark Disco Mix)’ slows it all down with vibrating electronica, for slow forceful encounters with high heels and rubber.

Entering mid-2013, The Clinc brings known Kartagon deep bad tones, which include a synth side that produces ambition, depression and the insanity… Your typical dose of 50ccs of gothic electro.

Review by Dominic Lynch  (DJ LX-E)

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