Tuesday 6 August 2013

Review: Digicore - 'More Than Just An Ape'

'More Than Just An Ape'

There's something about the grind the world produces.  For most, it's unexciting: a daily produce that gives nothing but sleep for relief.  For the chosen few though, the grind is a hum, a creative snap in the mind that turns your thoughts inward and is expelled as creative juices.  Some abuse this grind, some don't know how to use it, but a small percentage manage to produce something that you can remember for more than five minutes.  Digicore are part of the percentage. 

From the off the band prove that they have grown since their first album 'Without Freedom'.  The opener, 'In To Ruin', is a growing growl that is more experimental in it's industrial style and leaves you ill at ease, sounding like a theme to a psychological thriller.  The sound soon changes with 'You're Not Like Me':  a rampage of metal and digital discourse that is broken apart by cyber sounds and vocals that have a rocking motion.

From there the album seems to move like a brief history of industrial.  There's 90's angst with 'Disconnected', an 80's electronic hum from 'I Will Not Be Afraid', the gabba and breakcore infused 'Hell On Earth' all the way up to a more Ministry style of metal from 'Not One Of Us'.  For those new to the genre all the way up to lovers of it's many forms, 'More Than Just An Ape' is a must have for any rivet-head's collection.

For the complete experience get hold of the two disc edition.  It features remixes of tracks from the previous album lovingly crafted together by the best the British Industrial scene have to offer (including Flesh Eating Foundation, Petrol Bastard and Paresis).  The grind is here, and it's more than just an ape!

For Lovers of: NIN, Pitchshifter, Misery Loves Co., The Naked Apes

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