Thursday 1 August 2013

Review: MiXE1 – 'Lights Out'

'Lights Out' 

Starting as the solo vehicle of songwriter Mike Evans, MiXE1 has made an impact very quickly in the electro scene with a strong, hook-laden sound that distils the essence of multiple genres with ease. Two successful EPs later and Evans has augmented the project into a full band. Along with new cohorts Lee Towson and Lee O'Brien the band that is MiXE1 have released their first collaborative effort in the form of 'Lights Out'.

The elements that made MiXE1 stand out still remain – hot synth hooks, passionate and varied vocals, and fundamentally good song writing – but throw in live drums and some excellent guitar riffs and 'Lights Out' immediately feels like and instant game changer. There is a nice dance pace throughout the album and it refrains from descending into any waters that would turn off fans of the 'Module...' EPs. That being said, songs such as 'Lights Out', 'Part Of Me' and 'This Time' are such strong slices of electro rock that feel much more energetic and organic that the previous material, and will certainly translate very well to live performance. Though the album's highlight has to be the soaring and emotionally charged 'Find You', which really shows off the prowess of the band as a unit.

The EP is excellently produced with a clean and balanced sound . The guitars and live drums feel a lot more prominent in the mix, which gives the songs more energy for the vocals to bounce off. Speaking of which, this has to be one of Evans' strongest performances as a vocalist.

This is a very positive sounding step for MiXE1. The songs sound a lot less self-conscious and more confident in their execution. It's going to be very exciting to finally hear the full-length album due out later this year.

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