Thursday 29 August 2013

Review: Naked Lunch – 'Alone' (Single)


Naked Lunch may be an unfamiliar name to most, and with good reason, it's been thirty years since they were last active. But in that brief time they built up an impressive live resumé playing alongside the likes of DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, B Movie, and Clock DVA. As well as having an infamously banned single in the form of 'Rabies' to their name. However, now with a new line-up completed by multi-instrumentalist Jet Noir and new single 'Alone' in tow, the band is reinvigorated and ready to cement their legacy.

As a single, 'Alone' is a very good starting point. Ambient and orchestral, with hanging synths, semi-whispered vocals and a steady, but danceable beat it has a definite club appeal whilst retaining the old school punky charm of the bands batcave origins. The fact that the band have been haunting the live circuit again for a couple of years prior to this single has really given them a chance to immerse themselves in what is going on today in order to naturally evolve their sound. The end result of which is very promising.

In terms or production the single may have a decidedly old-school vibe to it. However it is nicely mixed and doesn't fall into the trap of trying to sound like their early recordings. Instead it sounds bang up-to-date.

'Alone' is a good first step for Naked Lunch. It has a lot of different things going on, but it remains balanced and expertly executed. Hopefully a full-length album will display the same kind of variety and attention to detail... and arrive a little sooner this time around.

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