Thursday 8 August 2013

Review: Deied – 'Pulsetron'


'Pulsetron' marks the thirteenth outing for the duo of N1n0 and Din-tah Aeon under the Deied moniker since 2007. Though somewhat eclipsed these days by the growing popularity of their progressive gothic rock alter-ego Aeon Sable, Deied continues to remain an interesting and unique project it its own right.

Their last outing, 'Tales Of Sodenliah', showed just how far the band could push themselves in terms of uniting their well-honed harsh-ebm-meets-minimalistic-industrial style with an intricate conceptual story arc. 'Pulsetron' picks up where 'Tales...' left off with the band's trademark genre-blending sounding more refined than on previous albums. But where 'Pulsetron' differs is in its more linear and straight-to-the-point feel, coupled with a much more dance-orientated vibe that plays-down the duo's harsher influences.

Once again the sound recalls the outer space feel of the likes of 'Apocalyptic Manifesto' era Apoptygma Berzerk, but in a more polished execution. With songs like 'Electra', 'Electra's Revenge' and 'Wakhalla' evoking the compulsion to dance, the 'Intro' and 'Outro' provide the more sedate and contemplative listening that Deied has always been able to pull off with ease.

'Pulsetron' may be a relatively short offering, but it still packs a punch. It's laid-back atmosphere, spacey tones and steady dance beats sound polished and benefit from a clean and modern, crisp production job that gives a nice amount of buoyancy to the mix.

This is another strong release from a partnership that has always put the quality of their music first above all other things. But with a more easygoing sound compared to the majority of their discography, it will be interesting to see where N1n0 and Din-tah Aeon would take Deied from here. Will they continue into more melodic territory, bring back the harsher elements of earlier albums, or confine the project to the back burner altogether while focussing on Aeon Sable? Time will tell, but in the here and now, 'Pulsetron' is a very satisfying listen.

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