Wednesday 14 August 2013

Review: Skinjob - 'Selfish Discipline'

'Selfish Discipline' 

Once described as Elitist Obscura Electronica, Skinjob is a one man design, two live project. Previous to their début album Selfish discipline, the EP 'Insects & Metephors' received warm acceptance by the alternative charts. The band a palate of appetising frequencies applied for dance compulsion followed with a dessert of seducing undertones.

We begin this album with ‘Hate’. A build-up of electronic substance abuse which flows out to the rhythm in an explosion of 137 beat penetrations a minute. As evil erodes into the skin of the mind and up through the song’s Viscera, sliced up in red light, you will not be sitting down any-time soon I assure you...

‘We are the Noise’ slows things down slightly, as the dark voice of Skin Fitz gets cosy inside the bassline of light tempo electro-noise. The end brings a build of warm steel-rubber rhythm before coming to a close in the next 60 seconds.

‘Beauty is Your Toy’ is a combination of the speed seen in ‘Hate’ and the shaming flow of ‘We are the Noise’. A scrapping of electronics brings the speed onto dance floor. As lights blind and the rhythm infects your ears, everything else becomes irrelevant & blocked.

Blasting ones veins with industrial trance, it will  languish the mind, distort and make you beg for 'Control' amongst the boots grinding into the dance floor. Seek its tarnished pleasure in muscle acid still, and you will continue to 'Move'; smiling in the Stygian night at your refusal to allow the mind time to question its actions.

Suffocating into chemicals of past minutes, the intoxication stays in the lungs as red light comes back with a vengeance in ‘The Reality of Decay’. Slowing the pulse, toxicity levels pollute the overused mind. There is ‘Nothing Left’ in this drained skeleton of tissue amongst lead.

Skinjob has produced an album for the dance floor and miscellaneous spectrum of the scene, where beat to speed is necessary within dark corners. The bleeding of pulse torture to the bones is an obligation with these tracks, not a choice.

Review by Dominic Lynch  (DJ LX-E)

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