Wednesday 7 August 2013

Review: Zinovia - 'The Gift Of Affliction'

'The Gift Of Affliction' 

In this modern world of electronic music, we have been lead to believe that we should have it loud, angry and fast, so it was a surprise to find the début album by Athens born 'Zinovia' nuzzled in-between such acts as ESA and Comaduster on Tympanik Audio.

The moment the record starts you are sent into a trance.  'The Blue Shade Of Dawn Covered Your Skin' is a welcome to your ears.  It's the sound of a European holiday mixed with lust and meditation.  It's follow up 'Communicating Vessels' is more experimental and has a dub vibe.  It is clear from the albums lay out that a lot of thought has gone through each song, with a secret elegance running through every note.

Stand out tracks include 'Entangled', a melancholy night out, 'Sucking The Smoke From Your Lips', where one is reminded of a busy Parisian street and ever encircling 'Beneath A Stellar Sky'.

Enchanting and yet beautifully dark in all the right places Zinovia will have you wish there be more of such music.  The whole album is a hark back to music for games and world cinema and would fit in on a warm night in, or the end of a busy summer get-together.

For lovers of: Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Hybrid

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