Wednesday 21 August 2013

Preview: Infest 2013 - It could be the End of an Era...

Two weeks ago the organisers from Bradford, signalled the possible nail in the coffin for the festival. With increased competition from a new festival emerging next year around the same date. The organisers in the interest of putting on a great time, without incurring losses have decided to for the moment to let infest 2014 not take place.

Based on the University of Bradford the more than a decade old festival has grown from one handful of bands, to a selection of the alternative scene’s finest. What also made this festival a great end to the summer was the addition of accomadation based on the university at cheap price, even better right next door to The Union club/bar, where the events, merch and bars are based.

The great thing that is loved at Infest are the late afternoon scheduled kick off, with the first artist being on at 4pm. Leaving your morning with a late lie in bed, after the combination of dancing till your Cyberdog wear is slathered in sweat, or your pinstriped trousers have become two tight to pull off by oneself.

The Artist line-up this year contains the likes of Headliners Covenant, Pride & Fall, XMH and Inertia. New comers to the alternative scene’s main eye include France’s DA Octopusss and Scotland’s Metaltech

Sweden's Covenant will headline the final night of the festival

The price of the ticket is £50 for the weekend and just £40 for the entire weekends accommodation, which will probably amount to less then the train ticket!

Infest is a great opportunity of the UK scene to save the expenses involved with flying to mainland Europe, and instead convene in the middle and listen together to the music they love. Infest each year is reaching its prime. The factor which makes this festival so successful is the ability for it to be just relaxing enough. No demanding time frames, not too many bands, close enough to civilization and slumber. So what can we see for 2014?

This week, be prepared!

DA Octopusss will see you there...

For more information including schedules, please visit the official Infest 2013 website.

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