Tuesday 18 March 2014

Attrition re-release 30th anniversary edition of 'Monkey In A Bin'

Following on from a number of remastered re-releases comes Attrition's début single, 'Monkey In A Bin'. The Single has been restored and remastered from the original four tracks and is available once again. The single was originally released in 1984 on Recording Union as side A of a split 12” single with Swiss band Schamanen Circel.

The 30th anniversary edition is available as both a digital download as well as a CDR burnt on pro equipment on special vinyl style CD's, with printed PDF cover signed by Martin! Also included is a very rare bonus track in 'How About That Dum Dum' – previously released on cassette only in 1983.

Track List:

1. 'Monkey In A Bin'
2. 'Surge And Run'
3. 'How About That Dum Dum'

The single is available to order now via the A Two Gods Production webshop. For more information on the band, please visit the officialwebsite.

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