Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rotny and Siren leave Psyclon Nine

Psyclon Nine guitarist Rotny Ford and Drummer Jon Siren have announced that they will be leaving the industrial band. Speaking in a statement posted on the band's official facebook page, Siren stated the recent controversies regarding the band's Kickstarter campaign for their fifth album '[Order Of The Shadow: Act I] and ongoing issues with frontman/vocalist Nero Bellum as being the catalyst for their departure.
“I can't even explain the complications that we have had trying to be a professional band when our leader is completely incapable of acting in a professional manner. I truly believe that Nero has always had the best intentions for the band, its personnel, and his fans, but because of the way his artistic and free-spirited mind operates, he doesn't think about his actions causing harmful consequences. We all know he has been battling a number of drug addictions for years and I have seen him through it all. I know that because of these issues, he has neglected his fans and band members on a number of occasions, acted irresponsibly when it comes to the business end of the band, and has essentially fucked a lot of people over. Lately there has been a number of events that have continued to layer on top of each other causing our European tour to essentially sink dead in the water. […] 
“I feel like I could continue to explain the downfall, but I will close by saying that I am absolutely heart broken to do this, but Rotny and myself have found the best option is to leave Psyclon Nine. I always rolled with the bad times because I love the music, its fans, and my band mates so much. Even though the band is ultimately Nero and whatever personnel he involves himself with, I feel that I have made it my family and stuck through it when most would have bailed.”

As of yet there has been no statement from Bellum as to the future plans for the band, including their scheduled European tour dates. 

For more information please visit the Psyclon Nine Facebook Page.

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