Thursday 6 March 2014

Review: Machinista – 'Arizona Lights'

'Arizona Lights' 


John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog, Basswood Dollies) and Richard Flow (Vision Talk, Haze For Sale) already have an impressive curriculum vitae between them, so the expectations for their new project Machinista are quite high. The duo's début EP is loosely themed around UFOs and alien abductions, and as such the band craft a spacey, euphoric sound that will see them assimilate seamlessly into club play-lists the world over.

The EP opens with the stunning title track 'Arizona Lights'. This is a huge anthem that sets out the bands manifesto quite clearly ass it announces itself with catchy melodies, big sing-a-long vocals and an irresistible dance beat throughout. Track number two, 'Wasted', is a slower darker offering with a more mournful vocal approach but still with an undeniable dance appeal. 'Salvation' is a nice mid-paced and steady track that is technically quite good, if somewhat nondescript despite a rather strong chorus and cheeky cheeky breakdown. Whereas with 'Pushing The Angels Astray' there is no doubt that, like the title track, it too is another very strong track that will no doubt be a live crowd pleaser.

The rest of the EP sees some interesting reworking of the original dongs by the likes of FutureFrenetic, Not Lars, IIOIOIOII, Tactical Module, and United And Identified who all give them major overhauls that still retain their dance credibility. However it is the acoustic version of 'Pushing The Angels Astray' that is the stand-out here. It's a rare case of the remix being superior to the original with the piano, strings, bass and drums sounding absolutely spectacular with Lindqwister's vocals.

The EP has that turn of the millennium synth/futurepop mass appeal, but is quite contemporary in its execution. The bands sound could easily sound dated if they weren’t so meticulous in their song-writing and production techniques.

Machinista's first step is a strong one and even with only four original tracks under their belts its already plain to see that the forthcoming full-length album is going to be hard to ignore.  

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