Thursday 20 March 2014

Review: Pittersplatter – 'Frozen: Reign Of The Warlock'

'Frozen: Reign Of The Warlock'

Oklahoma-based electro horror act Pittersplatter return with a remastered version of their 2013 album 'Frozen'. Rechristened 'Frozen: Reign Of The Warlock' the album has been expertly tweaked to bring the best out of the songs. It's louder and generally more up-to-date than the previous version. Ironing out those little elements that detracted from an otherwise strong offering.

It terms of the track list the songs remain unchanged in therms of their structures, but undoubtedly benefit from the reworked production. The band's dark, mid-tempo style of classic sounding electro-goth sounds colder and more sinister. Beat driven and uncomplicated, the album tips its hat to the likes of Mortiis, Front 242 and Spahn Ranch on catchy numbers such as 'The Dark', 'Frozen', 'The Devil Made Me Do It', 'Throwing Bones' and 'With Blackest Magick'.

The album does occasionally drift into more experimental waters such as on the afore mentioned 'With Blackest Magick, the choral 'Desolate' and the orchestral mix of the title track, which is an element to the band's sound that definitely needs to be explored further. Throw in an excellent remix of 'Frozen' by IIOIOIOII and this is a very appealing package.

'Frozen: Reign Of The Warlock' is an example of how to subtly but effectively rework an album to bring out the best in it. This version is a lot stronger and more self-assured than it's predecessor, and with songs like 'The Dark' as well as the original and IIOIOIOII versions of the title track, its club potential has significantly increased. This should provide and excellent platform from which the band can continue to grow.

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