Monday 17 March 2014

END: the DJ's Top New Club Music Picks- March 2014

END: the DJ’s Top New Club Music Picks March 2014
A fine collection of great newly released and upcoming music for the month of March, showing a variety of styles in quality music and artists. Check them out as soon as possible and keep on repeat:

Kids Electronics- Civilization- Green Mono Music
Damn, but Green Mono’s a fantastic electronic dance label with amazing releases hit after hit. This latest one has amazing textured work and is very moving. It is a progressive, almost synthy masterpiece. Also check out the “Go Go Go” track on this single release.

Seabound- For Another Day- Metropolis Records
From the new release Speak in Storms. Seabound is back in a major way! This is one of the few top-notch tracks in this very artistic album.

Stoppenberg- Psychokinesis- [self-release]
The new EDM project from Jan aka Noisuf-X and X-Fusion, and as ever an amazing sound. The challenge is NOT to move to this track. Amazing work!

Ben Orsound- Intra- Green Mono Music
Like I’ve stated, Green Mono Music has been treating music lovers with quality work these past handful of months, with solid producers who put great passion into their production work. This single release from Orsound is no exception. Very, very moving and club friendly!

 Roppongi Inc. Project- Moskau Leipzig (Amduscia Remix)- Roaring Disc Records
I’ve been a supporter of the great club tracks from R.I.P. for a few years now- and it’s with great enthusiasm I find the project’s new Schnarch Suite EP fantastic from start to finish. This is but one of the great new original tracks and remixes. Don’t miss out!

Blac Kolor- Whore- Basic Unit Productions
One of the banging new tracks on the new Wide Noise debut album. A great driving beat to keep bodies moving.

And One- Bad Girl- Deutschmaschine
This track- one of the few new And One new releases to tease a trilogy of new albums (yes, three of them)- should make all clabbers everywhere update their ‘And One tracks on repeat’ library. Very good, very catchy, very And One  ;)

Cryo- In Your Eyes- Progress Productions
One of the few great tracks from Cryo’s Retropia album. The driving beats matches the great vocal work. A pleasant new find and a great body of work.

Lyronian- Silver Arrow- Deep Symmetry Records
Great beat and quality production work- the vocals & chorus are quite catchy. Check out the singles release with its great remixes by Orange Sector and Ashcraft.

The Peoples Republic of Europe- Brute Force- Noisj
From TPROE’s new release Red Line. This EP release is more hardcore in essence than many of the project’s recent output; this track is explosive at high volume.

Johnathan|Christian- I Walk This Earth Alone (Leaether Srip Mix)- [self-release]
Great remix from LS and a great beat to stomp to. The new sound has quite an anthem feel.

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Look for the album Infactious Vol. 4 available now on Infacted Recordings.

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