Wednesday 26 March 2014

Review: Surgyn – 'Feed Me Fame' EP

'Feed Me Fame'

Scottish party monsters Surgyn have been going from strength-to-strength in the last three years. From the release of their first album 'Vanity' and the stunning show at 2012's Resistanz Festival the two boys whom have a fetish for anything medical have quickly become a must have in any industrialists collection. This year marks a second album ('Envy') for the duo, with this new EP coming in as a precursor.

'Feed me Fame' is a departure from Surgyns' début release. The vocals are a little more structured, and it's accompanied by a glossy music video, showing a class and style all of it's own. The two remixes of the title track are a real treat. Noisuf-X's sharp and short version is a very typical sound you'd expect from a tbm style such as themselves, whereas Rotersands' attempt is more bouncy and electro inspired. Both are a grand take on a slick classic.

The live versions of '400' and 'Aesthetics' should also be special. Recorded at Resistanz Festival 2012 the sound quality is rather good, but the performance lacks in substance. The lyrics are drowned out by the artists over exaggeration on stage. The release would have been better with these (along with the title songs' video) as an enhanced section.

In total this EP is strictly for the fans. For beginners of the band this is not a perfect way in. Along with the 'deluxe digital edition' (why it's called that is confusing as there are only two formats) there is a limited edition 7" picture disc which features the original and Noisuf-X versions of 'Feed me Fame' and is limited to 100 copies and also features stickers and a download code for the digital EP. It's all in aid to raise money for their US Tour supporting Aesthetic Perfection and you can get it HERE.

The album 'Envy' is set for release on July 7th. The hopes of whetting a fans appetite with this EP suggests more than is actually offers, but the raw grit and energy Surgyn put into their work is obvious for anyone to hear.

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