Friday 7 March 2014

The weekly compendium 07/03/2014

Yep, I know we haven't had one of these for a couple of weeks but I have my excuses. The biggest one namely is that I got some new ink last Friday courtesy of Holy Mountain Tattoo. It was a big job and ate up a good portion of my day... but it looks awesome, so it was worth it!

Anyway, this week at IVM we've crammed as much as we can in to keep you happy. We've had news from Wave Gotik Treffen, Alt-Fest, Kill The Sleeper and Mental Discipline. Columns from yours truly and Joel Heyes. We've also had the latest albums from Laibach, Zeistencroix, Kurwastyle Project, and Machinista.

But if that isn't enough, we've already got lots lined up for next week including reviews from a new contributor and a brand new interview!

Over on Facebook this week we've seen the new Laibach video for 'The Whistleblowers'. Theres a reminder that the mighty iVardensphere are hitting our nation's capital in a couple of month's time, and that Resistanz is just around the corner as well! Also the Helsinki Vampires will be on tour in Europe.

But until then here's some more Laibach and their film about 'WAT'.

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