Monday 31 March 2014

Psyclon Nine frontman issues statement

After much online speculation, rumour and hot on the heals of the announcement that two long-term members of Psyclon Nine were leaving the band, frontman and founder Nero Bellum has broken his silence to address the issues dogging the bandt.

In the statement, Bellum addresses the controvercies surrounding the Kickstarter campaign that funded the band's fifth album, as well as his personal health and the future of Psyclon Nine as a band. You can read Bellum's statement in full below, or on his facebook page:
“I'm 25 paragraphs into a status update in which I address all of the current goings on of myself and Psyclon Nine. I don't want to post half of the story but, I am a little spacey and exhausted from staring at the computer monitor so, I decided to give you a short update from my phone. 
1) I am not dead 
2) I stepped away from the Internet due to health reasons unrelated to rumors and posts from ex band members 
3) I am truly sorry for the delays with the kickstarter incentives and merchandise. I've sent out quite a few packages since I've taken charge however, it was so backed up by the time that I took over that I couldn't handle it all at the time. 
4) I am happy to say that after a much needed break and a little therapy, I am feeling much better and I have managed to set everything up to make sure that every one of you receives every back ordered piece of merch over the next several weeks. Shipments will begin on Monday. I will be including something special for all of those who have had to wait. 
5) I had nothing to do with the cancelation of the European tour and I am in negotiations to bring Psyclon Nine to Germany to perform at the Dark Munich Festival as planned. 
6) I have spoken with my band members and let them know that I've decided to lay Psyclon Nine down to sleep. It has been a long, beautiful ride but, looking back on the last several years I feel that I had lost my personal connection with the meaning behind the band and I don't feel that it's fair to the band, myself or the fans if I allow the band to continue to proceed in the direction that it's been heading. I realize that this is a very vague and possibly bizarre statement and I will address this in greater detail very soon within the massive announcements that I am currently putting together. 
7) After announcing my departure from Psyclon Nine within my inner circle and expressing my reluctance to continue the project with certain members, a couple of positions opened within the lineup that will allow me to work with some amazing and talented musicians of high regard (both personally and professionally) that will allow us to perform one last series of concerts to be announced in the future. 
It is only important to me at this point to give our fans what they are owed and what they deserve. All of your words of encouragement, your stories of how the music has helped you, how you've gained some sort of inspiration had truly helped me through an extremely dark part of my life and I will be going out of my way to make sure that I can get back out there to give you all something special. 
Although I feel that it's time for me to refocus my abilities and ambitions, I do not plan to leave you empty handed. I truly love you all for the support that you've given me (deservedly or not) and please know that I will be doing all I can to make sure that we go out with a bang. 
Very truly yours, 

The band's latest album '[Order Of The Shadow: Act I]' and it's remix companion EP '[Disorder: The Shadow Sessions]' are currently available from Metropolis Records.

As of the time of writing there are no further details regarding tour dates. For more information lease visit the band's Facebook page.

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