Wednesday 19 March 2014

Review: Berlyn Trilogy – 'A Perfect Stranger'

'A Perfect Stranger'

Wakefield's Berlyn Trilogy blend dark synthpop melodies and post-punk grit on their debut full-length outing 'A Perfect Stranger'. Evoking the likes of Midge Ure era Ultravox as well as modern dark indie acts like Editors, the band are an interesting blend of old and new. There may be plenty of bands around the globe who, over the past decade and a half, have been walking similar paths. However this trio have, over the past two years, honed their skills in order to undeniably craft a sound of their own.

Icy cold synths and steady dance beats permeate the track listing while occasional guitar and bass endow a more organic sense of groove. Drawing from the new romantic movement, synthpop, post-punk and modern dark indie, the band's sound has an infectious dance quality that seamlessly walks hand-in-hand with a strong live appeal.

Songs such as 'Leaving Notes', 'Runners', 'Synthetic Love', 'The Drone', 'Monument' and 'Words Of A Stranger' are cinematic in their scope. Darkly atmospheric and yet perfectly accessible with plenty of pop hooks throughout. While the likes of 'Exit', 'The Slow Reveal' simply overflow with dark menace for some deeper and more arty flavours.

The productions is very strong. The whole album has a richly layered sound that is light and clinical in it's execution. While the overall mix is clear and allows every synth melody and bass line to interact with each other for maximum effect.

'A Perfect Stranger' is a very strong début from a band with only two years under its belt as a unit. It's mix of dark atmospheres and addictive melodies powered by strong dance tendencies should play well to a large cross-section of the scene and give the trio a solid foundation with which to launch themselves forward. Berlyn Trilogy are definitely a band to keep your eye on over the next few years.

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