Thursday 20 March 2014

Review: Psyclon Nine – '[Disorder: The Shadow Sessions]'

'[Disorder: The Shadow Sessions]'

Hot on the heels of the band's recent “comeback album” '[Order Of The Shadow: Act I]' comes the mandatory remix album. It's generally an area of modern music that produces a mixed bag of results with some remix albums very much falling into the “stop-gap” and “cynical cash-in” categories, while few feel more organic and well rounded. But if anything, they serve to extend their source album's exposure for a little longer and give DJs a few more options of an evening.

Psyclon Nine's new remix album, '[Disorder: The Shadow Sessions]', at least gives us a decent track list weighing in with eleven re-workings by bands such as Alien Vampires, Die Sektor and Life Cried adding their slant to the source material.

Falling skies kick things off with a very strong version of 'Shadows Unveiled' which channels the sound of Count Nosferatu Kommando circa 'Ultraviolence Über Alles' with some drum 'n' bass interludes for good measure. Alien Vampires add their characteristic heavy club beats to 'Use Once And Destroy' for a certifiable floor filler. While Die Sektor amp up the industrial elements for a hard and grinding version of 'Remains Of Eden'.

Things suddenly take an about turn with the more ebm orientated remix of 'Suffer Well' from Dismantled, which proves to be one of the most enjoyable tracks on the disc. Likewise the blatantly more black metal version of 'Afferte Mihi Mortem' from Modern Weapons is a nice break from the dominant electronics. It is a method which is replicated again on the equally pleasing guitar-heavy remix of 'Take My Hand While I Take My Life...'.

This isn't by any stretch a “must have” album. However it is a fairly strong remix collection that explores a number of different styles and plays on the varied elements of the band's sound for a rather eclectic track listing. It's probably one for the hardcore fans and club DJs rather than the casual listener, but nonetheless it is a good companion to '[Order Of The Shadow: Act I]' and contains its share of treats.

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