Thursday 27 March 2014

Review: Cease2xist – 'WIYGN?'


Cease2xist have fast proven themselves as one of the must-watch UK acts since their full-length début album 'You Are Expendable' was unleashed. The band have honed themselves into an exciting live force and their follow-up EP 'WIYGN?' (Where Is Your God Now?) is another step up the ladder for them.

The band's formula of searing synths, driving dance beats, sawing guitars and aggrotech vocals which sees dub, glitch, industrial and even black metal influences distilled into anthemic tracks that find themselves just as at home on the dance floor as in the mosh pit. The band put their best foot forward with the hard and heavy 'WIYGN' with it's fist-in-the-air and shout-a-long chorus, which is followed by the intensely danceable 'Generation WTF' featuring Antipodean electro-maestro Cryogenic Echelon for an apocalyptic rave. 'Incinerator' unleashes the demented breakdowns and sleazy bass for a dark and delectable dance floor offering. 'You've Got Us Now' featuring Dreams Divide changes tact and breaks out the old school house style synths for a hook laden slice of dance-friendly electro-punk. While instrumental 'This Is My Design...' goes deeper into the electro waters with it's overtly club-orientated blend of ebm and dubstep.

There are remixes included from the likes of Renoized, Cryogenic Echelon, Defeat, Biomenchanimal, and Kill The Sleeper. While they're all strong re-workings of the originals the best contributions have to be Biomenchanimal's stuttering and bassey remix of 'Generation WTF', Kill The Sleeper's ultra-hard and relentless take on 'WIYGN?', Ruinizer's frantic drum 'n' bass version of 'This Is My Design...', and the sensational harsh black metal version of 'WIYGN?' courtesy of BlackLava.

Again, as with 'You Are Expendable', the vocals sound just a little too low in the mix in a few places. But this is a small point in what is overwhelmingly another great outing for the band that should bring them further acclaim both at home and abroad. Hopefully there will be another full-length album sooner rather than later to capitalise on this.

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