Tuesday 18 March 2014

Steve Roach to release 30th Anniversary edition of 'Structures From Silence'

Electronic composer Steve Roach has announced the re-release of his iconic third album 'Structures From Silence' on Projekt records. The album has been digitally remastered from the original analogue tapes and will be available as a three-CD deluxe six-panel digipak edition or a one-CD, four-panel digipak, as well as a digital download on 15th April 2014.
“With today’s evolution of audiophile analog mastering tools,” Steve says, “we were able to reveal the original beauty, detail and essence-of-tone captured on the 30 ips analog master which has not been heard like this until now.” 
“Over the years since the creation of 'Structures From Silence', certain pieces would emerge in the studio that instantly had the resonance of a direct relationship to the place that birthed this work back in 1984. As this anniversary approached – like the light slowing emerging in an early morning sunrise returning from a thirty year orbit – the desire to draw from this place of stillness, and deep inner quiet became the soul tone for these new pieces. Like the three original tracks, these were created in moments spent simply being present in the studio, tapping the flow state and guiding this sense into these recorded moments.”
'Structures From Silence' is available to pre-order from the Projekt Records webshop now. For more information on Steve Roach, please visit his official website.

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