Monday 10 March 2014

Earaches' Savage deal

Brit Metallers Savage Messiahs seem to be doing well for themselves as Earache records are giving their fans a chance to download the whole of their last album for free!

The bands' last release 'Plague of Conscience' has been given the green light as a torrent file, making it all the easier to enjoy such tracks as 'Carnival of Souls' and 'The Accuser'. This comes in light of the new album 'The Fateful Dark' coming out on the 7th April. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

Savage Messiah, who helm from London, started out back in 2007 and came to Earache the same year as acts such as 'Rival Sons' and 'Enforcer'. From there they seem to have gone from strength to strength playing alongside such bands as Evile, Queensryche and Soulfly.

To get your free copy of 'Plague of Conscience', make your way to Earache's BitTorrent page.

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