Thursday 6 March 2014

Review: Kurwastyle Project – 'Lost In Society'

'Lost In Society'  


Czech producing pioneer and founder of Splatterblast Records, Kurwastyle Project returns with his début album on KyokudoCore Records. With mixtures of breakcore, gabba, chipcore, happy hardcore and many more sub-genres (of which my only have five artists to them *rolls eyes*) this album is a turning point for all who love to get their hard and heavy dance on!

Opening with two songs that wouldn't look out of place in an old school electronic industrial album, 'Lost in Society' crosses the euphoric state with hard hitting bass in 'Strong Survive'. It's as if you've seen the gates of heaven upon your death only to soon find you're heading down, hitting every rock on the way!

In true Breakcore style most of the songs are short bursts of beauty mixed with pure electronic rage, with samples from chart tracks being broken and raped within an inch of their lives. The title track is a great hint at 90's rave licks, with an impossible BPM laid over it, and 'Der Krieg Ist Vorbei' plays out like a homage to Alec Empire, with a droplet sample of 'Gangnam Style' that puts a cheeky grin on the listener.
The album just gets harder from there with 'Son of a Bitch', putting the gabba element to good use and breaking your speakers apart. 'Boom Boom Boom (Porncore R*Fuck mixxx)' is a perfect example of what Kurwastyle Projects' influences really are. Making a mock remix for the Vengaboys 90's dance hit 'Boom Boom Boom Boom' whilst mixing it in with some IDM elements makes this a great crowd pleaser or an end of the night cheesy classic.
Bonus remixes end the release with great gusto. DJ Kurara and Kansen Satsujinki do a great job of adding their own flair to the album and giving a novice listener to the genre of hardcore a direction to where to go to for their next fix of ear busting, feet aching craziness!
For lovers of: Alec Empire (ATR), Aphex Twin, Velvet Acid Christ, Lords of Acid.

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